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Yanwen Express

Yanwen is a renowned international 3PL service in China. It was founded in 1998 that has a 700 million annual parcel volume. It has 4000 professional employees to serve vigilantly.

Furthermore, the team is equipped with the latest technology and information systems necessary to provide a smooth service to our valuable customers. It is integrating the Global Logistics Network with our domestic Collection service to entire China. We have a broad support network that serves customers timely.

It gives you the facility of collecting from E-commerce sellers. Yanwen Express tracking also prompts export clearance through EDI with Customs and provides 24 hours working in the sorting center. 

Yanwen Express Parcel Services

1- Package Tracking 

Through Yanwen Express Tracking, you can track your parcel to know about its exact location and can get help to ship.

2-Service Network 
  • North China
  • East China
  • South China
  • West China
  • Central China
3-API Interface

Yanwen Express provides an API interface that is free to all and can use directly to download your document.

Yanwen Express Parcel Tracking Status

Yanwen Express Tracking enables you to track the parcel on their official website, and you can track it by Speed post. Speed post is a third-party tool that allows you to track up to 10300+ courier companies. Go to the speed post and select Yanwen Express Tracking to enter the tracking number and click on the track, and you will get information about where your package reached.

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Email [email protected]
Address Unit 117, south side, area D, B4, Beijing airport logistics park, no. 16, Shunyi avenue, Shunyi District, Beijing
Customer Care 400-108-5656


Yanwen package tracking is fast with speed post; you can enter your tracking number in the above section to track a package. It provides you with the best parcel tracking system for any post office.

Yanwen Express has an average delivery time of 1 to 5 days for parcels from China and also ships to international destinations where you want.

Yanwen Express also has a site in many parts of China, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and other representative offices of Yanwen Express are also located in 50 cities of China.