KFC Menu 2023

KFC Menu With Prices

KFC is a popular worldwide restaurant that works roundabout 150+ countries in the world. Every region has its product and prices. European countries have their own recipes & flavor, whereas Asian country has different taste & recipes. Right now, we are talking about the Menu of KFC. KFC offers four different Menus to serve its customer.

  • Child Meal
  • World Famous Chicken
  • Big Box Meal
  • Nuggets & Tenders

Deal Box Vs COMBO

Deal Box


KFC offers a Deal Box with two chicken fried peace with burgers, Finger chips with coleslaw in different boxes, big small & very small.



KFC combo gives you a complete meal like Chicken Wings with Fries & cold drink having four different sizes starting with two peace & end at five peace

KFC introduces a Smart Menu that has only one person meal this smart meal is popular in Europe & USA because people use KFC in our daily life routine that’s why Smart Meal become the most popular.

In Smart Menu KFC delivers

  • Fried Chips
  • Snack Wrap & Fries
  • Famous Bowl
  • Wow Box
  • Popcorn Chicken

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KFC jack Harlow Meal

Jack Harlow can add to the KFC Menu later in 2003 because of high demand from the customer side in the early it’s only in Europe, but all the global KFC serves Jack Harlow on the KFC menu.


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