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Kentucky Fried Chicken

History of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Whether it should be a Kid, Young or old, Everyone knows about KFC. KFC is a fast-food restaurant that has spread its chains worldwide, founded by  Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952 after struggling for 19 years. In the early Colonel Harland Selling Fried chicken on the roadside. He updated the Chicken Fried recipe ten times. When It became famous, he developed the franchise concept and created his first franchisee in 1952, Utah.

KFC Owner life Story(Current)

The current CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken is Sabir Sami. Sabir Sami is an IBA Graduate Pakistani. He is also the global CEO of KFC & Managing Director of all the global regions. He serves for 12 years in KFC, also known as Sabir Sami KFC.

Current KFC CEO salary? The current Ceo has 2 Million $ paid per month which is enough for his whole life

Sabir Sami Achievements Sabir plays a big role in the coca-cola company becoming the world’s most popular Brand in the world

Current KFC CEO salary
Chief Executive Officer

KFC Different Countries

Kentucky Fried Chicken serves its products & services147+countries and 25000+ franchise all over the world. Every big city is a KFC restaurant. Here is the popular country List that KFC serves:

KFC Italy
KFC India
KFC Paris

KFC is available in different regions. That’s why they provide the recipes according to the region Muslims eat Halal food, so KFC offers halal food for Muslim regions. Some areas are only vegetarian, so KFC provides Vegetable recipes. KFC is the most popular in China.

Which is the best KFC in the world?

America Louisville, KY

What is the KFC revenue in 2021?

In 2021 KFC revenue increased to 15% of the previous year’s roundabout 2.5 Billion $

KFC Stands for

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC Coupons
KFC Coupons 2022 & Promotion

Does KFC have Coupons?

There are several types of KFC Coupons that offer you discounts on different Deals here are some free coupons Kentucky Fried Chicken Coupons

Full-Time KFC Discount

  • KFC Catering Coupon
  • KFC Coupons 16-piece meal
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KFC Catering Coupon

Up to, 20% Off

Every July 20% off on Catering Products of KFC

KFC Specials today

EVENT Coupons

KFC offers discounts on every eve like Chrismiss, Holi, and Eid Independence in every Country

KFC Coupons 16-piece meal

You can put a Coupon in the online app to get one free this coupon is special for 16 peace Meals.

KFC Specials today

You just click on print to print your Coupons that have been used for KFC

KFC Drive-Thru

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers Drive-Thru. You can order with the window, and the next window serves your order quickly. KFC also offers a wide variety of delivering their products to their customers in different ways

  • Home Delivery
  • Order Tracking
KFC Drive-thru

KFC Order tracking

You can track or order your Meal by KFC also you can see the foodpanda app discounts for your favorite meal or food


KFC Menu

Here you can find a Menu with prices according to your budget & area