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DPD Tracking Courier

DPD stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution; Chairman-CEO Yves Delmas has chaired the company. DPD began Courier company in the UK in 1969, changing its brand name to Parceline at the start of 1984 after being bought by Mayne Nickless of Australia. La Poste purchased this company in 2000. Priceline was renamed DPD in 2008. Recently in late 2020, DPD delivered 1.9 billion parcels internationally. The company has more than 3,675 vehicles and more than 48000 highly professional employees. 

Bulk Parcel Delivery

Bulk DPD Parcel Delivery has special tools that work with popular selling platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy. It helps you create an automated process that saves time and effort just by adding a link to these sites.

International Parcel Delivery

DPD is the most reliable, fast, and flexible solution to delivery and logistics worldwide. We have a wide range of ground and air networks that provide competitively economical prices and delivery services. 

DPD Classic

DPD classic has over 500+ depots across Europe that network delivers over 2 million parcels daily. It includes maximum dimensions of 175cm in length and 300cm in circumference. DPD is one of Europe's fastest delivery services. It is trusted and used by over 360,000 customers each year.

Feature Services 

  • It is available in all important European destinations.  
  • DPD also provides Predict notifications to all its customers. 
  • Widely used Pickup network throughout Europe  
  • It is divided into service delivery zones for users' comfort on different continents.  
  • It also facilitates single parcel tracking with proof of delivery to the customer. 
  • DPD courier have a proven track record of all parcels. 
  • DPD has monitored the whole delivery system with high security to the entire transit system. 
  • It also offers multilingual international customer services that belong anywhere in the world.

Air Classic

Air flight

Air Classic is part of our European service, connecting 230 countries internationally. It is the best choice for all retailers who want to export and expand their business to new markets at a competitive price.

Feature Services

  • Air classic has complete local knowledge with a broader global experience of deliveries. 
  • DPD Air Classic has flexible duty payment options for all its customers internationally.
  • Customers can track all their shipments online
  •  It also facilitates reliable delivery of all the parcels 
  • It also has online links to global networks.

Multiple Parcels

It is convenient for all the customers to send multiple parcels to the same or different locations. You simply choose the options and send your consignment anywhere in the world. 

DPD Courier Pick-up shops 

Most customers use the DPD Tracking Courier Pickup Shop service. In this service, users have both options: either they collect parcels from their homes or from Pickup Shops that are nearby. There are 6000 Pickup shops in the UK, and customers benefit from them. DPD Pickup Locator also helps you to find your nearest Pickup shop. 


Next day delivery

DPD provides next-day courier service; we also ensure delivery by 10:30 a.m. the following day on Saturday at 12 p.m., giving you even more options, and all customers get a recipient when they receive their parcels. You just enter your information into the given quick quote tool and book the parcel collection date that works best for you.

Weekend Delivery

All those customers who want to get a quote on a Friday before midday book their weekend delivery options on-site. It's very convenient to book your weekend delivery with DPD Tracking Courier Local Online from anywhere. Simply enter the parcel collection address and delivery details into our quick quote tool, and then put the parcel collection date that works best for you. Your parcel will collect from your office or home.

Large Box

Many customers use DPD parcel tracking to send consignments and parcels in the UK or internationally. You can not only send and receive your packages but also track any large parcel delivery using our free online tracking tool from when we pick it up until it is delivered or received.

Delivery to London

DPD Tracking Courier also has the largest parcel shop network in the UK, with over 2,500 Pickup shops in London. You can just cover the distance to a drop-off point in only 5 minutes. DPD Local Pick-up Shop services are the most convenient and reliable services. 

DPD Tracking Courier provides

  • Internationally modern logistical practices.
  • Global infrastructure.
  • Delivery networks provide today's senders with unparalleled opportunities for reliable, international shipping rates.

Booking an international express service to be delivered within a short time is still not only possible but very east too. With DPD Local Online, you can select low-cost international courier services available at your fingertips.

You can also send your consignments to all major countries of Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Oceania. 

DPD Drop off

When you book your parcel with DPD Tracking Courier Local Online, you can save money and time by using a DPD drop-off service. DPD drop y allows all valuable customers to work on their own time according to your desired plan. It also provides a facility to drop off near me, with 6,000 DPD Drop Off locations around the UK.

DPD Tracking Courier Status

DPD live tracking enables you to track the parcel on their official website, and you can track it by Speed post. Speed post is a third-party tool that allows you to track up to 10600+ courier companies. You just go to the speed post and select DPD tracking Express to Track your consignment. You simply enter the tracking number and click on the track, and you will get information about where your package reached and when you received it.

You can also Track Swiss Tracking Express


CustomerCare Number 0121 275 0500
Address  Roebuck Lane, Smethwick, West Midlands


While processing to order, you may get an error in a message regarding your postcode for different reasons. You must check that the postcode matches the town and country correctly. You must write it correctly in a suitable format without any symbols.

All the customers can get the quote by just putting the prices calculated using the weight, dimensions, and collection and delivery locations of your parcel. You all get a quote; you will add the weight of your package in Kg and the dimensions of your parcel in cm.