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Colissimo Courier

Colissimo courier and parcel delivery company owned by La Poste, the national postal service of France. Colissimo express UK services include home delivery, pickup at a post office or relay point, and delivery to a safe place. Colissimo also provides tracking services so customers can monitor the status of their delivery. With Colissimo, you can ship your packages and letters within and outside of France, with a secured and signed-for delivery. The company has the infrastructure and logistics to cover almost every area of the country and with partners around the world, is able to provide a global delivery service.

Services Offers

Colissimo offers various services for domestic and international Colissimo Tracking.

These include:

  1. Home delivery: Colissimo delivers packages and letters directly to the recipient's home address.
  2. Pickup at a post office or relay point: Customers can choose to have their package delivered to a nearby post office or relay point, where they can pick it up at their convenience.
  3. Delivery to a safe place: Customers can authorize Colissimo to leave their package in a safe place, such as a porch or garage if they are not going to be home during the scheduled delivery.
  4. Signature upon delivery: All Colissimo delivery is signed for upon delivery, ensuring a secured shipping process.
  5. International Delivery: Colissimo offers international shipping to countries worldwide. They can help with customs clearance and provide tracking of your package
  6. Packaging and Insurance: Colissimo offers packaging and insurance services for delicate and fragile items.
  7. Tracking: Colissimo provides tracking services so customers can monitor the status of their delivery in real-time via online tracking systems and also via text message and email notifications.
  8. Weight and Size Limitations: Colissimo has maximum weight and size limits for international and domestic packages.
  9. Time and Cost Estimation: Customers can use the online Colissimo estimator tool to calculate the time and cost of shipping their package based on the weight, size, and destination of the package.

Colissimo Tracking Number Format

Colissimo tracking numbers are typically composed of 13 characters, including letters and numbers. The format of the tracking number can vary depending on the type of service users and the country of origin, but generally, it follows the pattern of two letters, followed by nine digits, and ending with two letters.

An example of a Colissimo tracking number format would be:

XX 123 456 789 YY

Where "XX" are the two letters that identify the service and country of origin, "123 456 789" are the nine digits that uniquely identify the package, and "YY" is the two letters that indicate the package's destination country.

It's important to note that the tracking number format is not fixed and might vary depending on the service you choose, the destination country, and even the time. Please check the specific information for the tracking number on the documentation provided with your package or on the Colissimo website, it will give you more detail about the format and what each part of the tracking number represents.

You can also Track GES Tracking

Colissimo Tracking UK Status

If you want to track Colissimo UK ship you can go to the speed post & enter the la poste tracking number & click on the track you can see where your package reached. Speed post is a third-party tool where you can track up to 1000+ logistics company to track.


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Frequently Ask Question

You can track it by speed post website where 1000+ logistics company tracking is available.

If your package is lost or damaged, you should contact Colissimo customer service immediately to report the issue and request a refund.

Colissimo does not offer same-day delivery for all of their services, but for some services or destinations, you might find that option.

Yes, Colissimo logistics offers international delivery to countries worldwide, including customs clearance and tracking services. Does Colissimo offer packaging and

Yes, Colissimo offers packaging and insurance services for delicate and fragile items.